Sound is everywhere around us, even in the quietest of places. We just need to activate our hearing abilities, tune in to the sound around us and enjoy the experience. I remember my 20th birthday, when I received my first sound recorder as a gift. That was the beginning of my sound recording journey. I started to notice through momentum exploration, that every city, town, park, or forest, may sound similar as a first approach, but if you would make a little extra effort, you will hear, that each one of them, would have its own, specific symphony. And every corner or a neighbourhood that existed in it, would have endless conversations with one another, just like humans do.

Conversations That Exist everywhere around us Without Saying Nothing, was my initial source of idea for this project. It was more like finding a different way of seeing and hearing the world around me. The moment we open our eyes in the morning, and get out of the house, we are entering a world full of conversations, with the moving links of sounds. On one side we have the world of nature and its sounds, full of harmony, would that be a sound of the ocean during the sunrise, or the sound of the storm in a rainforest. And on the other side we have the urban life with its square, rigid sounds. We exist and experience both of those environments, we carry ourselves within them.

I wanted to deliver the message that our world is not only a high tone or a low tone, black or white, it can also be a mixture of the mid tones with the colours in between. My journey started by studying deeper my domestic, neighbourhood surrounding areas. Bringing those conversations to the foreground, was my aim, as another way of looking, hearing and perceiving the world around me. I wanted to emphasize on the ideal circumstances of urban and natural life and then reconstruct and blend the ideals, so that it gives a deeper meaning to the sound. Therefore, at the end of the audio, all the sounds meet, and interweave simultaneously. The continuous flow suggests a dialogue between the urban and natural environment, that every listener will respond to differently, but regardless of the environment, hear and sense the presence of the universe that overlooks everything (whispering poem, a bonding substance of the same nature).

See the video below.