In the Blink of an Eye

We tend to take our life for granted, we fall asleep, convinced that we will wake up the next morning to continue completing our tasks (translated into our daily distractions). We often assume that we know the form that our next day will take, yet we dismiss the fact that life can take any form and direction in The Blink of an Eye.

The average duration of a human blink is 0.25 seconds and the approximate number of human Blinks a life has is 650 million. A lot of things can happen in the penumbra. We have the propensity to forget how important those splits of the seconds are and how certain events don’t need more than a Blink of an eye, to totally change the direction of their course.

The video intends to bring the attention of the spectator to the accelerated, technologically dictated pace of our lives, and the power of the moment as short as The Blink of an Eye, however, long enough to bring substantial changes in our lives instantly. How aware are we of the act of living?

What happens in the Blink of An Eye, how much of a moment do we lose?

See the video below.