BA Hons. Final Major Project
An ongoing exploration of the beauty of seeing!

At this point of the experimentation, my aim is to understand and become aware of my own perceptual process of seeing. It is more of how I see and less of what I see. With prolonged looking, photography has been my medium and vehicle for this exploration.


Presence of time: The light passes through the blinds and reflects the wall on the opposite side of the room. It is simply an act of looking without motivation. It was created in one afternoon, while the light was still there, till the moment the presence of time was realised.

Drawings: The morning light warms the studio space before life happens. Observations of light and the alterations that causes in space.

The reflection: Is it the reflection of reality or the actual reality that we experience?

The imprint: How does it feel when light touches a surface? What is the nature of their dialogue?

The road: Out of focus. Has the mind already chosen what to see? Prolonged looking, aiming to see without thinking.