An ongoing study on the beauty of seeing!

I have always been mesmerised by the way humans perceive and experience the world. What is seeing and what forms our experience of seeing? Is our world a reflection or is our reflection our world?  Where do we stand in all this? Uta Barth was a starting point of this exploring momentum, guiding me on, questioning and redefining terms such as perception, reality, space, light, presence, and time.

Through observation, I aim to understand and become more aware of my own perceptual process of seeing. I am interested more in how I see than what I see. Photography and writing have been the tools that assisted me throughout this process and taught me the beauty of seeing.

My main focus has been my house as my most intimate space. I wanted to understand in this phase the nature of this daily dialogue and teachings. There are many layers and levels in the process of seeing. For the purpose of understanding better what you see, I would suggest a pause for a moment and prolonged seeing by excluding any possible thought processes.

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The Beauty Of Seeing

The Beauty Of Seeing Cover