“The soul is Kinetic”  Thales

The last days, I have been thinking of our journey through life. How could I give a life experience via two mediums? How could I talk about  human experiences of the past, the present, and the future on a screen Experiences that are interconnected and interwoven? This experiment was inspired by a movie that I saw a long time ago. The plot of that movie, was about the story of two people that lived and shared their experiences, throughout many lives. 

Restless Feet, is a 1 min short film. It is about the main axis of matter that functions as a reminder and at the same time, a magnet of our walk in and through life, as if life is a cycle and it goes on forever. We walk through lives, acting upon stories. Stories that seem to be our own movies, that act upon an expansive process of a meditative contemplation of the human essence. The sounds are a representation of human experiences, we don’t see the images, but we can understand through sound, the nature of every experience. Most of the sounds, are electrical pulses that travel through our nervous system. Other sounds are softer or sharper, like the birds or the sound of concrete while we walk. So, every experience with matter and the senses, travels through and consequently absorbed and embedded within us, in our body, mind, within every single cell.

With the repetitive act of walking, I wanted to deliver the notion of the solid axis of matter that some of us call life as a default, but also the vehicle that opens to another space for contemplation and connection. Our walk-through eternity, happens on the same axis. Many realities happen simultaneously that are kept either close to or on the axis through a magnetic force. The walk that happens seems to be eternal, till an intervention takes place, for example the interference of the karma cycle (if any) completes itself (if there is an ending), or a thought. Realities that coexist and interweave, thus the colour that represents the now, and the grayscale in various opacities, that interweave with each other, the past(s). The sounds as well, are of the now, but have pre-existed, in our memories imprinted in our nervous systems. And everything is connected somehow.

While you look at the man walking, the act of walking creates a space for contemplation and wander of stories that visit our minds.